Ben Hunt Davis

Learning Coach

"Will it make the boat go faster?"

This question helped Ben Hunt-Davis raise his game and row his way to an Olympic Gold Medal in Sydney 2000. What is your business equivalent?

Keynote speaker and performance coach Ben Hunt-Davis has spent the last 5 years working with a wide range of businesses helping them answer this questions. In his keynote speech he tells the inspirational and exciting story of how, after a decade in the national team he won an Olympic Gold Medal.

His crew were the first British winners of the event since 1912. After seven years competing in the national team Ben was still a long way from winning any World Medals. He tells of how things had to change, there could be no excuses. He and the team set their ambitions and started looking for different ways to achieve them, defining absolutely everything that could make the boat go faster. They changed their mindset, their approach and their training and as a result, their performance.

Ben’s story of the journey to an Olympic Gold Medal bridges the reality gap between just listening to how others achieve their goals and doing it yourself. His experience as a business coach has allowed Ben a great deal of insight into the corporate world. Knowing about how people think and what motivates them. This means he can use his story to greatest effect explaining not only how he achieved his goals but how other can as achieve theirs.

Ben's keynote can simply be told as a hugely exciting and inspirational story, or it can be tailored to bring out specific themes such as;

  • Continuous improvement,
  • Taking responsibility
  • Team work
  • Learning from one's mistakes
  • Goal setting
  • Self belief and Motivation
  • The need to take action
  • Performing at one's best