Nigel Percy

Learning Coach

Nigel is a coach, learning consultant and speaker. He has over 20 years of management and leadership experience from employment with Whitbread plc and Interbrew SA in diverse areas such as manufacturing, finance, audit, IT and HR.

Nigel first developed his passion for helping people to learn in 1995 and has since designed and delivered training for various functions within Whitbread, where he was Head of Learning & Development. Since becoming freelance in 2004, he has continued to offer Coaching, Training and Business Consultancy to individuals, SMEs and Corporate Businesses alike.

Typically the sorts of training Nigel provides are the following;

  • Personal Development and Motivation
  • Management and Leadership Development
  • Coaching Change
  • Problem Solving, Creativity and Decision making
  • Project Leadership

Examples from the current year are:

  • Providing Core Curriculum Leadership Programmes to Managers of an intnl Blue Chip Credit Company
  • Teambuilding events (indoor and outdoor) for Facilities Groups’ Call Centres and Her Majesty’s Prisons
  • Accelerated Learning Skills for 2 major UK call Centres
  • Coaching Middle Managers to help their employees cope with change
  • Train the Trainer for a large UK Food Manufacturer
  • Project Leadership for a major fine organics Chemical Company
  • Motivation and Self Esteem events for more than 1000 people over 12 events
  • Working with 6th Form Students to raise their aspiration levels
  • Coaching a Telecommunications Training team to explore their training styles
  • Providing ILM Team Leader Certificate Training to Logistics Team Leaders
  • Facilitating a Power Supplier’s Senior Team to better communicate their new vision

The common feature to most of Nigel’s training is Accelerated Learning. Using a number of common sense approaches backed with vast operational experience, Nigel provides the environment where delegates are able to learn using their natural preference for taking on the learning. This has the effect of creating a deeper form of learning which delegates enjoy.

Nigel’s key skills are around communication. Whether verbal or written, listening or observing, Nigel finds the appropriate method for the delegates so that good rapport is built within the group. This allows learners to feel at ease, have fun and hence learn more easily. Nigel is especially effective when facilitating groups or exploring learning themes.Nigel has an MSc in Training & Performance Management and is Myers Briggs Step2 Registered. He lives in Nottingham with his partner Ann, and their 4 children.