Development Programmes

The Vision

Every school in the UK displaying outstanding leadership, engaging all pupils in a learning experience that is empowering & fun, teaching life skills that are fit for 21st century Britain, and schools able to engage in whole brain learning approaches as they are proven to impact upon learner success. 

The Learning Partnerships' goal in education is to support entities drive towards the delivery of a learning environment that supports all learners. We believe that an educational establishment seeking to achieve this outcome must align effective leadership, with a creative and empowering environment, open to engaging new approaches to teaching and learning.

In 2010 TLP formed the Balance Consortium taking a massive step towards to achieving these goals. This group of non-profit and socially responsible organisations delivers in one joined up strategy everything a learning entity requires to support all learners reaching their full potential. To learn more about the Balance Consortium and its work click here.

The rest of the education area of the website is broken down into interventions that support leadership development, teaching and learning, and pupil development. In each case you will find group coaching interventions, personal coaching approaches via digital training videos, and recommend resources for self discovery. Programmes are designed for primary, secondary, Fe and HE environments.

All of the interventions outlined in this site are a guide only, and the capability of the group can be engaged with any outcome in mind, and to suit most budgets.

You will also find fun and engaging resources for pupils such as our online schools memory challenge Beat the Planet, and a montage of the Learn to Learn forum education conference.

The Dendrite Social Learning Platform