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Your role as a parent from the birth of your child through to school age will be the differentiating factor to your child's future success. It has now been shown that by the age of three, the building blocks of a human beings brain and body are built, so what you do over the early part of your child's life will make all the difference to their future success.

We have designed some interactive programmes that introduce the approaches you can take to support your child in early years. We have also listed some other resources that you might find useful along the journey.

Top Tips for Tiny Tots has been designed by a group of leading practitioners in early years development, and is a fun and iteractive guide to early years development. It is not the be all and end all of early years, more of a beginners guide, allowing first time parents to access the knowledge and skills that will make a significant difference to the development of their baby.

Top Tips introduces practical tools in the areas of physical, emotional, interlectual and values based development. In each section we introduce the key elements that make the biggest difference to your growing baby from birth to three.

Baby Matterz is a school or children's centre programme that brings pregnant women or newly born babies with their parents into a school or children's centre. Monthly visits highlight developmental changes in the baby, and introduce all the approaches that can be engaged to support the developmental journey of the baby.

In school, the sessions are run with a class of pupils, and each month, by witnessing first hand and learning about the extreme changes developmentally in the baby, pupils learn about their own development. The programme majors on the social and emotional development of children, but has demonstrated more surprising outcomes of imprioved behaviour, speaking and listening skills, literacy and numeracy.

In Children's centres groups of Mum's and Babies come together with the guiding hand of a Baby Matterz Mentor Mum, and share their experiences of their babaies development, and are introduced to the tools and strategies to optimise the developmental journey of their baby.

As you browse through each area, every page of the site has resources that you can access, either by clicking the download links, which take you to podcast from experts in the field or TLP produced materials, clicking the Dendrite link, which will take you to video learning resources, or via the recommended reading links. Please do buy any books through the links in the site, as this delivers revenue to TLP whilst still giving you the best price available through Amazon.