Deryn Harvey
Schools Advisor

Volunteer non-exec director
Deryn joined The Learning Partnership as a non-exec Director in August 2009. From 2002 to 2009 as director of The Innovation Unit Deryn supported hundreds of schools, colleges and LAs in their quest for solutions to the biggest challenges facing the system. In the privileged position of senior civil servant in the DFES (as was) she and the IU team had direct access to ministers and policy makers, thereby helping bridge that gap between practitioners and policy formation.

Prior to this Deryn was the Headteacher of Willow Tree Primary School in the London Borough of Ealing. One of the largest primary schools in England, Willow Tree was the result of an amalgamation of three schools undertaken by Deryn in 1993. She had 17 years of headship experience, with Willow Tree being her second headship, Islip Manor Middle School having been the first.

During her time as a management consultant with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Deryn worked with a variety of government departments including Department for Children Schools and Families, as is now.

As a result of her work in The Innovation Unit, Deryn has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the reality and potential of federation of schools to raise standards. She also has an extensive knowledge of innovative practice across schools, colleges and local authorities in England. She is recognised as the national expert on the Power to Innovate legislation.

Currently Deryn is leading on the National College New Models of Leadership Programme whereby she and her team are “out there” with practitioners actually finding out what is going on, on the ground, and in turn advising practitioners, LAs and policy makers on the possible ways forward and implications for leadership.

Hand in hand with this, goes her consultant leader role in the National College School Business Director Programme in which she is leading the 37 demonstration settings towards new standards and roles in the world of School Business Director leadership.

In addition she continues to build upon her interest in school environments and is advising the College on the Primary Capital Programme. Just back from India she has been advising “new build schools” and is probably most proud of her role as “chief mentor” to the BrainTree Global School Greater Noida!

She also is working with the Learning Partnership in bringing to market “BabyMatterz” and an “Accelerated Leaders” programme, the former a product of the practitioner led parenting programme in the Innovation Unit suite of Next Practice projects.

September 2009

Christina Bush
Social Facilitator

I am a great fan of Sir Ken Robinson and his book The Element - How finding our passion changes everything. One of my favourite lines is:

" Never underestimate, the vital importance of finding early in life, the work that for you is play"

I am really blessed because I have found my passion and for me work is a joy.

Along with Kevin Garrett, I am a Director of Social Facilitators. We work with organisations, teams and individuals from the public, private and voluntary sector helping them to create shared social value and lasting change.

I believe that trust and open and supportive relationships are the key to delivering lasting social change. So I help people access their own capability and confidence and create relationships which support organisational and personal change.

Over the years I have found that people get "stuck", they become so used to working and thinking in a particular way that they find it difficult to think beyond the obvious and think beyond the familiar.

So in Social Facilitators we create what we call " Third Spaces" these spaces vary from thinking and being spaces to doing spaces. We facilitate spaces to explore and collaborate and create. Spaces where people come together around a shared vision, idea or passion and create products, services or new ways of working. We love helping "unlike minds" discover each others strengths and potential. We facilitate experiences for people to work together to deliver extraordinary things which make a difference to themselves and others.

Kevin Garrett

I'm a partner, with Christina Bush, in our niche consultancy, Social Facilitators. Which is our way of saying we're small in size, and focused in our practice! That focus is in building equity in the relationships that drive innovation and create value in business. Bringing together innovative digital players such as Humap, with the Learning Partnership to build Dendrite is one example of this.

I love spending my time working with clients in fields as diverse as software and healthcare, helping them build great workplaces for their people, and create great experiences for their customers. I see this as a continuation of the work I did for some 30 years in the UK's largest employee owned company and favourite retailer the John Lewis Partnership, where I built customer service, online, insight and community functions for it's food business, Waitrose.

A Fellow of the RSA,in my spare time I'm at my most relaxed when walking my retired greyhounds, and at my most hopeful urging Tottenham Hotspur do something I've yet to experience, and win the League title...

Vanda North
Learning Coach

Her experience spans the world, coaching top-level executives to working with Learning Disabilities (or Differences as she prefers to call them) and working with 1up to 10,000 people at one time.


Founder & CEO of The Learning Consortium – the one-stop BrainFriendly Portal for People, Products and Programs to assist you to Think, Learn, Create & Live better! Creator of ‘The Art of Self Leadership’ a series of 12 interrelated topics.
Founder & CEO of Buzan Centres world wide, launching Tony Buzan’s work through a global network of licensed instructors for 20 years. During that time, Vanda taught mental literacy skills
to over 100,000 people from 50 countries worldwide. She has been instrumental in leading and coaching over 700 instructors who have since gone on to run corporations, author books and function more successfully and enjoyably in business and life.
Founder & CEO of Volunteers Upholding Education, Palm Beach County School System in Florida training 5000 volunteers and corporate members to assist in education for 12 years. Here Vanda initiated one of the first school volunteer programs involving business & education partnerships. She became a leader in writing and modelling excellent volunteer management strategies and training.
Past President of the International Society for Accelerated Learning & Teaching conducting their largest global educational conference. For 8 years Vanda was a leader in research, practical application and dissemination of accelerated learning methods.
Home Economist for Florida Power & Light Company, conducting cooking shows for thousands.
A lecturer for UniLever Brothers, travelling the UK as a member of the Education Unit for 4 years.
Vanda’s inspiration has been sought after by leading organizations, a few examples are: Electronic Data Systems, IBM, Digital, Boeing, Oracle, BT., Wellcome, CLSA, Management Centre Europe, SC Johnsons, Billiton, Flour Daniel, educational institutions and governments in many countries.

Vanda is currently the Founder and Director of The Learning Consortium. TLC is dedicated to making one portal where you can find the best BrainFriendly people, products and programs for thinking, learning, creating and living. Vanda conducts a range of seminars related to ‘The Art of Self Leadership’ based on her lessons from climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. Some topics are: ‘Think, Learn & Create’;’ Managing Change’:

‘Did I Say What You Thought You Heard’; ‘Living History’ and ‘Happiness & Wellness’. Her ‘Joyshops’ are also highly acclaimed for creating positive change in peoples’ lives.

She has written several books, including the best seller “Get Ahead”, now translated into 9 languages, and “The Spark” as well as many training manuals in the areas of business management and wellness.

Nightingale Conant launched her ‘Joy Journey’ program in 2000, which is receiving profound reviews.

Deidre Edwards
Early Years Development

Deirdre Edwards: Principal Pediatrics Chiropractor


State Registered Nurse
Registered Sick Children's Nurse
Midwifery: Part 1
Health Visiting Certificate
Diploma in Chiropractic (McTimoney Chiropractor)
She has specialised in child health care since 1971. As a qualified children's nurse, she was part of the first UK based multi-disciplinary and multi-agency paediatric assessment day unit based at the City Hospital in Nottingham.

It is clear that some of the ideas and the general approach on which the Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU) were based are reflected in the more recent Surestart projects and the work of Social Care Services in its child protection work. Her many years as a Health Visitor with an extensive caseload, equipped her for the pursuit of further preventative care for children.

Acknowledging the importance of the maturing nervous system and the role of the protective bony framework of the skeleton.

Deirdre has been able to utilise this experience to the benefit of many children on whose behalf she has been consulted and those she treats as a Chiropractor. Travelling to visit and work with other chiropractors has enabled her to assimilate differing views, and techniques. Pursuing excellence both in the clinical setting and beyond. She developed the very busy thriving family practice in Stratford upon Avon, which is testament to supporting the community and offering patients a choice. Her vision was to build up a family practice, caring for every member of the family, whatever age.

Speaking engagements, association and professional commitments ensure the longevity of the McTimoney Technique in the wider forum. Deirdre has always offered her graduating college (McTimoney Chiropractic College now at Abingdon, Oxfordshire) her support especially by welcoming new graduates a place in her clinic, creating a strong platform for them, & equally a vibrant team for the patients.

Professor Neil Roberts
BSc, MSc, PhD

Professor Neil Roberts BSc, MSc, PhD



1969 1971 Ashlyns School, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

1971 1976 Whitchurch High School, Cardiff

GCE 'A' levels 1976: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry


1976-1979B.Sc. Hons. Physics with Geophysics, Class 1 University of Liverpool President of University of Liverpool Geophysical Society, 1978-79

1979-1982Ph.D. 'The Behaviour of Earth's Magnetic Field During Polarity Reversal' University College, Cardiff

1987-1988 M.Sc. in Medical Physics University of Aberdeen

Employment Record

2008 to present Edinburgh University

Chair of Medical Physics and Imaging Science CRIC/Medical Physics Section Division of Medical and Radiological Sciences School of Clinical Sciences and Community Health College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine ?The Queen's Medical Research Institute

2001 to 2008 Personal Chair,

Director, Magnetic Resonance and Image Analysis Research Centre (MARIARC), University of Liverpool, Liverpool, L69 3GE. Tel: 0151-794-5632 FAX: 0151-794-5635 e-mail:

2000-2001 Reader and Director of MARIARC University of Liverpool

1998-2000Senior Lecturer and Director of Research, MARIARC University of Liverpool

1994 1998 Lecturer, Department of Medicine University of Liverpool

1988 1994 Shell Research Fellow Magnetic Resonance Research Centre (MRRC), University of Liverpool

1985 1987 Personal Fellowship, Natural Environment Research Council Department of Earth Sciences, University of Liverpool

1984 1985Research Associate Department of Geological Sciences, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA

1982 1983Lecturer Department of Geological Science, University of Durham

Research Interests

My early research (1980-1987) as a geophysicist, supported by award of a Personal Fellowship from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), during which I led field trips to Australia, USA, Iceland and Lesotho, concerned the remote sensing of the Earth, and in particular Earth’s magnetic field. This is of relevance to my subsequent studies (1988 to present) in ‘remote sensing’ of the human body, and in particular the brain, which focus on the acquisition and quantitative analysis of multi-parametric (i.e. anatomical, functional and chemical), 3-dimensional Magnetic Resonance (MR) data. The studies that I direct at MARIARC are concerned with technique development, quantification and application to support basic science research and its clinical application.

In particular, through work with fellow applicants on two MRC Programme Grants (Mayes and Chadwick, and Crow) I have provided robust quantitative brain imaging methods for scientists developing theories of cognition and for clinicians seeking to improve diagnosis and measure treatment response. With collaborators, principally in the Departments of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neurological Science, my involvement in basic and clinical science includes:

i)investigation of the neural bases of knowledge based behaviour (e.g. attention, perception, sensory-motor function, memory, language, emotion and social cognition),

ii)brain development, structure and function in psychosis,

iii)measurement of asymmetry in cerebral structure and lateralisation of brain function,

iv)quantitative in-vivo study of changes in the composition, integrity and function of the tissues of the human body, and especially the brain, across the life span,

v)evaluation of treatment response (e.g. cerebral gliomas, multiple sclerosis),

vi)analysis of body composition and metabolism in relation to diet and exercise in health and disease.

Hugh Greenway
School Networks

Hugh is an award-winning international business leader with over 20 years’ experience enabling education and learning organisations. Over the last five years he has built the Elliot Foundation from concept to one of the most successful primary academy sponsors in the country. Over the same period he has helped other academy trusts with their organisational design and has contributed to the Bloodhound SSC project which aims to inspire a generation to study STEM subjects with an attempt on the world land speed record.

At Reed Learning plc (2004-2011) he drove double-digit growth, launched successful partnerships with Google and Royal Holloway University of London and won multiple industry awards. Between 1998 and 2004 he ran several of Lord Irvine Laidlaw’s education and training businesses across Europe including major turnaround and restructuring projects in the UK, France, Sweden and the Netherlands. In the 1990s Hugh launched his own education business in Moscow, which he ran successfully until 1998. Throughout his career Hugh has volunteered in the state education and third sectors including Vice-Chair at the West London Academy (2006-11) and is proud to have supported Business in the Community, the Princes Trust and Teach First.

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