Enhanced Learning Skills

The films on this page teach many of the skills that enhance a learners ability to achieve high levels of success in school.

Memory Techniques and Mind Mapping

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Thinking Tools Quick Courses

Tools to Manage Your Thinking - Debono's Six Hats

Tools to Expand your Thinking

Tools to Think More Broadly

Tools to Direct your Thinking

Tools to Solve Problems

Tools to help Fresh Thinking

Tools to help Goal Setting with Brian Mayne's Goal Mapping course

Primary Students

In our experience, as part of a schools drive towards delivering a teaching & learning experience that engages all learners, a specific intervention delivered by one of our expert coaches can be a fantastic kick start to the process, or a valuable stand alone intervention. 

All TLP programmes are engineered to work simply and cheaply within school or in a socially distanced learning environment. They  support very specific areas of a students learning journey, from the brain based learning skills such as a basic knowledge of the human brain and how to engage it effectively to enhance their own learning, to key learning aids such as mind mapping, speed reading and touch typing.

Our range of STEAM challenges and problem based learning experiences are all about bringing a multi-sensory, multi-disciplinary dimension to education. They are great fun, and inspire all students to engage with and be successful in the core subjects of Mathematics, Science, Design and Technology, Computer Science and Art.

At this phase of education, our goal is to help you lay the foundations for all your students to love these subjects and be successful in them, as this passion will translate into future talent.

Secondary Students

As students arrive at secondary school, the majority of the structural development of the brain has been achieved, and the goal then shifts for a school, from supporting that structural development, to helping the individual learner maximise the potential of their brain. 

From a creative, fact gathering, and problem solving perspective, there are now a suite of approaches that teachers should be able to command at any given time to support the individual learner. 

Like a good chef, effective teaching and learning is all in the ingredients. A teacher, who is well versed in all the ingredients that make up a powerful and empowering learning journey for their students, will be able to help all their learners maximise their journey throughout secondary school.

We have been careful to bring together tools and strategies that we know make a difference in the reality of the class room, and have packaged them in such a way that practical application is the all important factor.

Each STEAM challenge or programme, and all brain based learning skills and life skills represented across this site is carefully engineered to work in class or remotely, and with the minimum of effort to deploy on the part of the school and teachers. All teaching materials are free to access and the resources are sustainably sourced and cheap.

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