The Catch Up Bond

The Learning Partnership has created a unique partnership to help schools support their students overcome any lingering impact of Lock down on their attainment. 

The Catch up Bond is a collaboration with the Super Reading, a programme created by  Alchemy Educational Training Ltd, led by Ron Coles. 

Ron has been around the world of Neuro Diversity for many years, working alongside early thought leaders in the space such Tony Buzan.

Put simply Ron has brought together a range of the tools that make the biggest impact on learner effectiveness. He has packaged these in simple no frills video coaching modules that any teacher can use to support a catch up programme for their students.

In discussions with Aulden Dunipace Ron claimed that any learner put through the super Reading programme would at least double their reading effectiveness (speed of reading and comprehension) and in so doing catapult their learning success in school. 

Aulden challenged Ron to back up the claim by offering schools the opportunity to use the tool under a Catch up Bond scheme where schools would only pay for results.