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    Because after 30+ minutes of scientific Q&A, Q understands exactly who the young person is – their unique behavioural preferences which were hard-wired into them in their early years and which do not change; what makes them react as they do to situations; the things they prefer to do and they feel natural and comfortable doing. There is nothing good or bad about this, and no judgement. It just shows the young person what makes them uniquely them.
    It is this insight and clarity that enables the young person and Q to go on a journey of personal learning and discovery together. Because once Q understands their hard-wiring it can not only predict what situations they will find easy and what situations they will find tricky, but Q can diagnose what they can do to make their life easier and then help them to follow through to make these changes every day. And the natural end result of the young person playing to their strengths and managing their behaviour better will be improved performance and better wellbeing. It’s not rocket science!

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