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    Psychometric assessments are standard and scientific methods used in many walks of life for measuring unobservable psychological phenomena – for example, ability testing at school for verbal and numerical reasoning. Psychometrics are also used extensively for personality assessment by means of a self-report questionnaire, and they range from seemingly fun but worthless online quizzes at one end (which are simply poorly disguised methods of harvesting personal data) to serious, scientifically validated tools at the other. These scientific tools have been used for decades in business, sport and the military for recruitment selection and personal and team development – well known examples include Myers-Briggs, 16 PF, Hogan, OPQ and the California Personality Inventory.
    Q uses as its foundation another example of those scientific tools called the GPI, which was developed in the mid-1990’s by our co-founder, Dr Steve Glowinkowski, for use in his consulting business because of his dissatisfaction with the psychometrics commercially available at the time. Dr Glowinkowski has spent the last 25 years developing, testing, norming and refining the GPI, and this has included assessment of, and 1:1 feedback with, around 25,000 senior business people and 12,000 young people.
    Using industry-standard validation and reliability measures, the GPI performs exceptionally well against its peer group demonstrating that it, and therefore Q, accurately measures what it purports to measure and that it does this reliably. You can learn more about the science behind Q in The Science.

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