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Welcome to Race to the Line 2.0 Bio  the  Rocket Car Challenge

Problem Based Learning – Creative Thinking – Sustainability


150,000 students


600 secondary Schools


fastest car in year 1 was 60mph by year 5 it was 100 mph


Bio-compostable and recycled materials. CO2 launch system replaces fossil fuel motors

Covid 19

Challenges can be done individually or in small teams with seperate roles


All teaching and student resources available for download from this page

Teacher Training Videos 

For any teacher that is thinking about buying their own Rocket Motors rather than using CO2 Motors as approved by TLP. TLP takes no responsibility for the use of rocket motors in schools and our insurance policy no longer covers their use i the challenge. The legal bit covered these videos are produced to help you run a safe race if you do chose to use them.

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