Our Vision

Every school and family on the planet engaging learners in an experience that is empowering & fun, teaching life skills that  fit demands of the 21st century. 

Learners able to engage in whole brain learning approaches that are proven to enhance learner success. 

The Learning Partnerships’ goal is to support any teacher or student facing entity improve the learning environment that supports all learners. 

We believe that an educational establishment seeking to achieve this outcome must align a creative and empowering environment with a teaching philosophy open to engaging new approaches to teaching and learning.

By clicking the links below you can access some of the resources we have built in recent years. TLP is able to sell or licence these programmes and products to any partner, and consult with partners in the design and delivery of new enhance learning experiences and solutions. 

To purchase any resources to support team based or individual problem based learning challenges in STEAM visit the Shop.

Model Rocket Car Challenge
Aviation Challenge
Construction Challenge
Brain Based Learning Tools
Enhanced Teaching Skills
Hover to the Line
Hovercraft Challenge
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