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Welcome to a world of inspiration, empowerment and sustainable connected Learning

The Learning Partnership was founded in 2010 to help schools enhance learning…..

“We wanted to help schools connect learning to the real world, and enable every learner to picture their future in the career opportunities of the 21st century.”

2020 and Covid 19 put that vision in serious jeopardy. Whilst we have had to radically change our model, schools, parents and employers can access powerful tools and products that support the journey from school into the workplace.

This website provides access to all the teaching and learning materials developed with schools across the UK since 2010.

Our social media accounts will provide the space for teachers, learners and parents to collaborate should they wish to.

“My mission is to focus on bringing together a coalition of the willing to deliver learning experiences that generate more interesting conversations, more enlightened discussions and empower better decision making amongst the parties we touch.” Aulden Dunipace

All our programmes are fully sustainable, engaging cutting edge bio-compostable, bio-degradable, recycled and upcycled materials.

We aim to help schools develop both the skills the 21st century needs, as well as the awareness the planet needs if we are to survive for this current generations children and grand children.



The Composta bloc Rocket Car Challenge

Design, build and race model rocket cars 

Bio-compostable materials

CO2 propulsion system

Subject specific teaching materials

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The recycle and upcycle Construction Challenge

Recycled engineering and construction

Fully re-usable resources

Problem based learning experiences

Flexible application

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The Bio-degradable Aviation Challenge 

Built with the RAF museums in the UK

Bio-degradable foam sheets

recycled materials

curriculum teaching resources

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Our Supporting Partners include:
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