February 07 2020

UPDATE: Race To The Line Kits have now been dispatched

RTTL Dispatch 2020 2

This week our team have been hard at work putting together the final challenge kits for Race To The Line. Schools throughout the UK have been receiving orders all week and the last few will be reaching the final schools early next week.

If you wish to learn more about this challenge visit www.racetotheline.com

January 10 2020

Inspire the next generation with STEAM learning programmes from The Learning Partnership

As all education professionals, teachers and school staff know, engaging students is very challenging yet highly rewarding. This is especially true when both teachers and students see their hard-work pay off and you know the student has learned something new.

Here at The Learning Partnership and Dendrite we believe in “Inspiring the next generation” and this is done through our highly immersive and engaging Science, Design and Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) learning programmes.

Within each of these programmes students are offered opportunities to not only learn about exciting new topics such as Model Rocket Car Engineering, Aviation and Aerodynamics, Design and Construction and many more. But in addition, they are also offered the opportunity to actively participate and create student work that is highly engaging, fosters team building skills and leaves each and every student having learned about a whole range of new skills and knowledge, which they can take forward in their educational and later professional career paths.

If you haven’t already visit the below links to find out more about these STEAM learning programmes and introduce them to your classroom today.

www.racetotheline.com – Our Model Rocket Car programme which teaches student skills and knowledge of Engineering, Science and Mathematics in relation to Acceleration, Speed, Distance, Time etc.

www.buildtotheline.com – Our Design and Construction Programme which teaches students about Design, Building and Construction etc.

www.flytotheline.com – Our Model Glider programme which teaches students all about Engineering, Aviation and Aerodynamics etc.


Connect with us on social media to keep up-to-date with all the exciting news, updates and programmes and products available from The Learning Partnership.


January 03 2020

New year, more schools, more challenges!!

Happy 2020 everyone. Before we tell you all about the exciting challenges that you, your school and your students can be part of in 2020, first a quick thank you once again to all schools who took part in our various challenges last year; A huge thanks to all businesses who supported their local schools in 2019 and have everyone who has already registered for the coming season.

Due to your kind support last year, we managed to support over 200,000 students nationwide and we hope to continue growing this number over the coming years to engage as many students as possible!

Now on to the exciting programmes available this year and fantastic products now available in the Dendrite Store including robots, safety knives for classroom projects and resources for all challenges.

Race To The Line: First and foremost is our pioneering programme for students aged 11-12 years. This challenge requires students to work in teams of 4 to design, build and test model rocket cars against their classmates and year group. The winning team from each school will then compete against other teams from neighbouring schools in a Regional Final held at an iconic STEAM location and the winning school team will then progress onwards to take part in a national final at another iconic STEAM location. Last season saw The Carlton Academy in Nottinghamshire successfully racing their car at over 100mph!!! with an all girl team. 

To find out more about this challenge visit www.racetotheline.com

Fly To The Line: Our model glider challenge for students aged 8-11. Within this challenge students work together to learn and explore Air Resistance, Forces and How nature has harnessed the power of flight. Once designs and building are complete, the students can then test and fly their gliders against their peers. 

To discover more visit www.flytotheline.com

Build To The Line: New for 2020 is the first season launch of Build To The Line. Within this design and construction challenge, students aged 8-11 work together to build constructs. Throughout the programme students will learn of the benefits and possibilities of Recycling and sustainability themes will be explored as student teams develop their Design and Technology skills and knowledge. 

To learn more visit www.buildtotheline.com

New to Dendrite Store in 2020

If you have been keeping up-to-date will all the exciting changes happening here at The Learning Partnership, you may be aware of our amazing new products available at dendrite.store if not, read on.

The first of these is the 10490 Slice Knife which means you can promote safe working within the classroom thanks to the pioneering technology used to create safer blade utility knives from Slice.

Using ceramic blades with curved points, Slice now makes it possible for teachers and students to avoid large amounts of accidental cuts and injuries when gaining valuable hands on experience of design and technology. This really does mean you can increase hands on practical teaching with a safety first approach. 

To see these yourself visit https://dendrite.store/collections/all-products/products/slice%C2%AE-manual-metal-handle-utility-knife

Also now available from Dendrite.store is the fantastic Bell Robot from our partners Adama Robotics.

Bell Robot grows with your students giving them important skill sets that are required to succeed in the future such as Storytelling, Creativity, Problem-solving, Critical and Computational Thinking, Persistence and many more.

Navigating in mazes, dancing, and singing, Bell Robot can be your students’ companion.

Bell can be programmed with AdamaScript Visual Programming Software which makes programming as easy as connecting blocks. Your students can learn to program simply by dragging and dropping blocks to control our Bell Robot.

To find out further details visit https://dendrite.store/collections/all-products/products/bell-robot

This year Dendrite.store also includes various subscriptions available to Karismath.

Karismath is one of the most effective Primary Mathematics learning programmes created in recent times. 

  • Karismath videos teach Mathematics the way the brain learns numeracy and number-concepts.

  • A brain that understands Mathematics conceptually opens a world of opportunity in future learning pathways and careers.

  • Karismath will help users overcome feelings of frustration in learning and teaching mathematics – It will be your guide to Mathematical enlightenment.

  • The Karismath Primary Math Program  has been developed by a Harvard Educated psychologist with a background in Reading, Psychology and Mathematics. 

See Karismath for yourself at https://dendrite.store/products/karismath

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